Wednesday, 18 July 2012

get ready dollies...

ok so Callie.Stardoll made a brand new interesting blog post!! heres what she wrote:

Get your MeDolls dressed up and made up for a special surprise!

From July 24-27th, we're going to scour Stardoll to find the best and most beautiful MeDolls for a couple of very special projects. You'll benefit from being a star - and by winning as many contests (StarDesign and Covergirl, for example) as you can.

The selected Stardollies will become a collectable item, purchasable in stores. Basically, your MeDoll will go from 2D to 3D!

This is your chance to shine! Don't miss this amazing opportunity for your and your MeDoll.

twinkle twinkle, y'all...
ok so this means that stardoll is going to look for the best and most beautiful dollies to pick for an amazing prize! the winners will become a 3D collectable iten that you will be able to purchase! wouldnt that be cool if you could BUY your own self?? but dont get your hopes up...the winners go to VERY POPULAR medolls. i believe that EVERY medoll is special and beautiful and everyone deserves and chance. but unfortunatly, it will go to covergirls, and medolls that have won contests. dont be surprised if one of the winners is the medoll you see on the homepage everyday or at the top of the stardesign list. hopefully some other medolls will get a chance and be able to become 3D!!

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