Wednesday, 22 August 2012

coming soon.....

omg..ok you'll never believe whats coming to stardoll!! for some of you who has been on for a couple years will know its MSW..for the newbees..its something extrodinary!! so MSW is basicly Miss Stardoll World! its even bigger than covergirl! you advertise your doll! when you go on someones profile where you usually vote 5 stars there will be a little crown there..thats for MSW!! and there will semis then the finals! the winner gets a HUGE prize!! i remember some of the things from last year..its might be different this year! last year you won.. automatic popularity, royalty, stardollers, trophy, and an pod with your name carved on it!! HOW COOL IS THAT??!! its totally fun but it usually goes to super popular people because everyone votes for them. like the people who have won covergirl or have super cool designs...but..all you gotta do it try your never know what will happen!! xoxo

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